Do we need to rethink "Spark Joy"?

Can an item bring us joy? Here are my two responses to this question.

1) Truly, no item can bring us joy. Joy is found within ourselves, in the divine, in creativity, and in relationships.

2) Tokemeki is the Japanese word that Marie Kondo used when her book came out in 2011, and the English translation "Spark Joy" may not be accurate. Tokemeki means pulsing or charging, and doesn't necessarily have to mean joy.

So, if Spark Joy doesn’t work for someone in the process of decluttering, here are three questions that blogger Karen Kingston considers:

  1. Does it lift my energy when I think about it or look at it?

  2. Do I absolutely love it?

  3. Is it genuinely useful?

In the end, however, walking into a tidy home can absolutely Spark Joy because it is the result of hard work combined with creativity. A tidy home radiates vivacious energy. Happy Tidying!

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