The RESET button

December 31, 2019


The Reset Button: Get your home back to tidy in under an hour


           One of the biggest gifts of completing the KonMari Tidying Festival is the Reset Button.  This is the metaphorical button that allows us to get our messy homes back to tidy in under an hour. How do you get The Reset Button?  The key is to go through the KonMari process COMPLETELY and make sure every item has a specific home.  


            Sometimes things in my home get out of whack, but I can always get it back to tidy in under an hour, and it is certainly because I went through the KonMari process.  If I didn’t have The Reset Button in my back pocket, I would feel defeated and overwhelmed each time my house gets messy.  My wish is that all people who complete a tidying marathon can enjoy the relief of a quick reset!

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