Homage to the new moon

The new moon is a powerful time to start new projects.

I started tracking the moon cycles a year ago, and it's a practice that will continue to be a part of my life. It's so satisfying to see the phases of the moon grace our skies. It feels so reliable, and yet mythically the moon is linked to the Greek Goddess, Selene, who invokes the spirit of illusion and mystery. As I learned more about the moon for this post, I began to question what the moon really is. The Goddess Selene must have been at my side.

I started writing down "new moon intentions" after I came across the work of the late Jan Spiller who was an intuitive astrologer living in the southern United States. She started experimenting on herself, and then with her clients of "wishing" within eight hours of the new moon. She goes into more detail of wishing vs. affirmations in her book, but decidedly states that wishing is powerful with the moon because it is the feminine act of the divine to set an intention and then to gracefully let it go.


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