A home that supports your best self

When we choose to be surrounded by items that uplift us, we are creating a space that resonates with our highest intentions.

In this post, I discuss the three main reasons to start transforming homes into sanctuaries as a catalyst to access the best parts of ourselves.

1) Get to know yourself and what you truly desire. Sometimes people get entangled in others' expectations and lose sight of what they earnestly desire. If you could manifest anything in your life, what would it be? Another way of asking this is: What brings you into alignment and a creative state of flow? You can find the answers to these questions by clearing clutter because when you clear clutter you are confronting yourself. When you learn what items vibrate with your joy factor, you find a state of flow with the universe. Essentially, this state of being will show you who you are and what you love.

2) Hone the skill of recognizing what uplifts you. Tidying enthusiast, Marie Kondo, channeled this valuable insight-- knowing what brings you joy is a skill that has to be developed. As children, we spot joy easily, but as adults, changes in our thought patterns actually block us from our natural affinity to joy. How do we overcome this? It cannot be solved in our mind but with our bodies. What is the vibration that you feel towards an item? Consider this, how awesome would it be to hold up every item of clothing in your closet and be in love with it? Even better, consider the expression of yourself to world when you are wearing high vibe clothes as opposed to those that aren't.

3) Feeling good is the key to attracting more of what you want in life. The teachings of Abraham-Hicks explain this concept with the metaphor of a river. When we complain why things aren't going our way, it's as if we are trying to push ourselves upstream. It's when we let go, appreciate what we have that we start to drift easily down the stream with the flow of the river. Therefore, it is essential to create living spaces that enhance our feelings of joy. To create this kind of space, don't focus on what to get rid of--that's like going upstream. Instead, focus on what you want to keep and give it a special place in your home. Eventually, you will intuitively be able to know what to surrender because it will no longer serve you on your journey. However, don't forget to send feelings of appreciation towards these items before you discard them. They did serve you in your life up until now.


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