Bring some magic into your life!


     We think about magic as only in fairytales, but the ancient Greeks knew that the stars and planets offered us ways to transcend ordinary life.  Their belief was that the planet and Goddess Venus was in her most illustrious state at 27 degrees of Pisces. They referred to this phenomenon as the Exaltation of Venus.


     Talismans are created to capture the essence of planetary energy. Knowing that my friend, Katie Peterson, is a creator of sustainable holistic goods, I knew we had to collaborate for this Venus in Pisces celestial event.  Katie crafted this gorgeous facial toner to my astrological specifications and her creation of the Venus Talisman has exceeded my wildest dreams! Not only is it a safe, soothing tonic for the skin, but it’s exquisite to look at and smells divine.  Yes, those are real flakes of gold in the bottle:)


     Keywords for this talisman are beauty, sensuality, luxury, intuitiveness, optimism, mysticism, imagination, and romance.


Feel the love!



Christine and Katie




The Venus Talisman

  • love, witch hazel, sonically infused spring water, chamomile essential oil, lavendar essential oil, vitamin E

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